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Search Marketing

The search engine marketing solution offered by aims at using the popularity of major search engines to get you the best advertising results on the web

We suggest that you use the paid listings offered by search engines so you can be guaranteed to appear in the top results for the terms you are interested in. The most popular search engines and catalogs, that handle almost 90% of the searches on the web, accept paid listings. Lately, the same paid listings also appear in major sites apart from search engine result pages. With paid listings you pay a certain amount each time someone clicks on the listing to go to your site ("pay-per-click" or "cost per click"). You will define the cost for each click, but in general the higher the cost the higher the listing.


At we have a long-term experience in search engine listings and will do everything required for a successful and economically efficient advertising campaign:

  • We will investigate into the keywords and search terms your potential visitors would use. We will use search databases to limit the advertising in the most targeted words as well as discover advertising opportunities.

  • After discussion with a representative from your company, we will define the search engines to use, the countries to advertise and other components depending on your company's profile.

  • We will create several categories and subcategories of advertisements with different slogans for the different countries

  • We will compare the results of the different advertisements and work on improvements

  • We will keep an eye on competition and change our bids. Bid is the amount you will pay every time a visitor comes to your site. The one with the biggest bid for a certain search has the highest ranking

  • We will process your ROI statistics (which will also be forwarded to you) to continuously improve the results of your advertising.


If you use the above advertising campaign you will only be charged for the new visitors on your site, whereas the exposure of your advertisements to those who don't click is free. To manage your campaign we will charge 25% on top of your advertising costs. A minimum amount of $1,900.00+VAT for starting your advertising campaign is required. Assuming that the mean cost per visitor is 0.19, the starting amount will cover 10,000 visitors that will come to your site after having searched for terms related to your business

Send a request:

If you are interested in our search marketing services please fill out the form below and a member of our team will contact you.

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We would like to assure you that your email address will never be used for marketing purposes, or sold to any other company. We value your privacy as much as we value our own.


Running a successful website hosting service neither might nor be as easy as it looks. Proper dedicated servers are required with Microsoft certifications like 70-528. In running any successful business one needs to have a nice web site design. A thorough search should be done form website templates before making the final selection. While approaching various pay per click clients one should keep in mind the letter templates used should be professional.
e Commerce

Magnet Commerce, the complete shopping cart software tool designed by, now helps numerous small businesses across Europe and the USA fulfil their online potential.

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