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Flash Basics - Sounds
music loops

Adding sounds to movies and buttons really enhances your movie's experience. In this section, you will need to create a new button by following this guide here or if you have done the "Button" section already, just open your button1.fla document and we can begin.

Importing the sounds:
To import sounds, you must go to File> Import and select the sound files you want to import. For this tutorial, we will be using 2 sound files called "Over" and "Down". You can download them both into a ZIP file by clicking here. When you have the sounds downloaded, unzip them and import them into your movie. Now that you have them imported, you want to make sure you have them imported for sure, go to your library "CTRL+L" and see if your files are there.

Adding sounds to events:
Now that we have our sounds, we can now start using them. First sound called "Over" will be used in the button we have created earlier as a mouseover effect. Once a use puts his mouse on your button, it will play the sound. Second sound we have is called "Down" which will be used on the button as well. When a user clicks on the button, the sound will be heard. Now, from your stage, right-click on your button and choose Edit from the menu. You are now in your button's stage. In your timeline, select frame 2 "Over" and then open your sound panel "Window> Panels> Sound". Figure 3.1 shows you the "Sound Panel".

(Figure 3.1)

From the drop down menu in your sound panel, select the over.wav file, and now you will notice in your "Over" frame, a line across the frame. This means that the sound has been successfully added to this frame. Now for frame 3 "Down", you will add the down.wav sound. To do this, select frame 3 and from the sound panel, select down.wav from the drop down menu. That's it, you have inserted all your sounds into your button and you can now save your document.

Exporting your button:
Now you will have to export this button if you want to have it on your web site. From the File menu, choose Export. Save your button as button.swf, and click OK. Another screen will pop up called "Export Flash Player", just click OK and you're movie is now exported and ready to be used.

Please proceed to the Animation section.

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