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Flash Basics - Animation
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Flash is mainly used for animation worldwide, now let's learn how to make some. In this section, we'll learn how to create Motion Tweens and Shape Tweens. You can also have animation's change colors, resize, rotate and more.

Creating Tweened Symbols:
From your menu, go to 'Insert> New Symbol'. Choose 'Movie Clip' from the options and name it my clip. You will be taken to a new stage area similar to the main stage. Draw a small circle, then select it, and go to 'Insert> Create Motion Tween'. Choose frame 25 from your timeline and hit F6 on your keyboard. All the frames from frame 1 to frame 25 are now purple, and have an arrow line pointing to frame 25.

While frame 25 is still selected, take your circle shape, and move it to another spot on your stage. Hit Enter, and you're circle will move on it's own.

Creating Shape Tweens:
Shape tweens are a different source of tweening. You do not need to have symbols, just basic drawings. Create a new symbol, choose movie clip and name is my clip 2. Create a circle, select frame 1, then open your Frame Panel, CTRL+F. From the panel, select Shape from the drop down menu, and now select frame 25 and hit F6. This time you will notice a green set of frames.

On frame 25, delete your circle by selecting it and draw a square. Hit ENTER and you'll see your circle morphing into a square. That's it for shape tweening.

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