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Flash Basics - Layers
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Layers are simple transparent sheets that are placed one on top of each other. These layers can be moved around, added and they can also be deleted. They organize your movie and all you to affect objects without affecting the rest of your movie.

When editing object on a layer, the layer selected will be the only layer that is being modified. To activate another layer, you must click on it to select it. While it is selected, the layer will be highlighted until you deselect it. To let you know if a layer is active, you will notice a small pencil beside the layer name.

(Figure 2.5)

The image above is what layers look like. You see here that there are three layers, and layer "one" is selected.

Creating and modifying layers:
Create two more layers by clicking the new layer button. A new layer is created. Now do it one more time to have a total of three layers. Perfect, now you must rename your layers. To do this, you must click on your layer, and then double click it, you can now change that names of the layers. In layer 1, rename it to Square, then in layer 2, rename it to Triangle, and finally rename layer 3 to circle. Once this is done, you should have the layers looking like Figure 2.6 below.

(Figure 2.6)

Now, in the Square layer, draw a small square image located at the far left of your stage. Now select the Triangle layer, and draw a triangle in the middle of your stage, but make sure that you fill in the triangle, and you can use the line tool to create, and finally select the Circle layer, and draw a circle at the far right end of your stage. Once this is done, you have three different shapes that go with three different layers.

You can set the order of your layers, to minimize the appearance of some objects, or just to be more organized. To set the order, you simply click and drag the layer up or down to the position you want.

(Figure 2.7)

Set the order of your layers to Circle, Triangle and then Square. You now see how easy it is to create, rename and move layers.

Locking and Hiding layers:
Locking layers is useful at times to protect other work while you are drawing more graphics. To lock or unlock a layer, you simple click on the pad lock button and it will display a locked layer. To hide a layer, you simple click on the hide button, and all the content from the layer you just hid will be invisible until you unhide the layer.

This concludes the Layers section, please proceed to the Type and Text section

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